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Following our Florida shore-based shark fishing campaign victory for stricter laws regarding shore-based shark fishing (SBSF), we established the Shark Watch program as the next phase of our shore-based shark fishing campaign.

Shark Watch is a citizen's initiative established to keep Florida's beachgoers safe and protect sharks by monitoring the actions of shore-based shark fishers and reporting dangerous and illegal activity to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Taking on the task of overseeing SBSF activities can be overwhelming for an organization such as the FWC who only has around 850 officers in charge of regulating 8,400 miles of coastline, 13,200 square miles of offshore waters, and more than 34 million acres of land.


Our Shark Watch Program provides FWC law enforcement with much-needed support and encourages local communities to get involved with protecting their beaches, beachgoers, and marine life. Shark Watch volunteers help relieve some of the burdens placed on FWC law enforcement officers. Shark Watch volunteers are the eyes and ears on the ground needed to patrol our beaches and ensure that shore-based shark fishing laws are followed and enforced.


Sharks need help now, and without the aid of our Shark Watch volunteers, shore-based shark fishing will continue to have an adverse effect on shark populations despite the new laws put in place to protect them.






FWC hotline 888-404-FWCC (3922)


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1. Learn to identify the different shark species and become well versed in the shore-based shark fishing laws.

2. Observe from a distance. Take photographs and video if possible. DO NOT engage or harass the shark fishermen.


3. Report all illegal activity by calling the FWC tip line with the details of the situation. Be sure to know which laws are being broken and report them accordingly. 888-404-FWCC

When communicating with FWC law enforcement, you must present an accurate account of events and provide evidence corroborating your story, thorough testimony enhances the chance of prosecution.


Don't forget to ask for the FWC Officer for their name(s), badge number(s), and a case number for follow-up. Please send us the case# and all acquired documentation for our records.

If you were unable to get an officer to the scene, fill out the FWC's online violations reporting form


Catch and release may sound good in theory, but the reality is the stress and physical damage done to the sharks can often be fatal especially among Great Hammerhead and Tiger sharks.


Learn about the reality of land based shark fishing. 

Our Partners 


With the intention of protecting our ecosystems and conserving them for future generations, Saving Our Sharks was created in June 2010, with the main objective of studying and conserving sharks, as well as protecting aquatic flora and fauna.

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Sharks are the guardians of the ocean and they need our help. They take care of a system that is so vital to our quality of life and, ultimately, to our survival. Humanity has not been good to sharks, but we can change that now.

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WildlifeVOICE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit  gives a voice to the decreasing populations of animals and plants!  WildlifeVOICE’s utilizes education, outreach, and scientific research to inspire change.


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A Mexican NGO dedicated to educating the public about sharks by providing real and scientific information and data to bring down myths and ignorance surrounding sharks and help in their conservation.

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